The CS Department is pleased to announce that we will be producing our first ever newsletter NewsByte. This will be annual newsletter for *alumni and friends of the department.
*SKK/PPI/SCR/SCI/SCSR/Master & PhD under the old and new department.

The temporary name is given by Ms Hazinah, our alumna class of 1997 and current member of the department. Later on, we will make a contest to name our newsletter and maybe NewsByte will end up permanent 🙂

We welcome any entries, long and short, English or BM and can be about anything. If you, current students, undergrad, postgrad, alumni, staff, family members, anyone would like to contribute, send your entry and queries to marina @ (telegram: marinafc) or hazinah @ and include “NewsByte” in the subject line.

Stay tuned for the inaugural issue.


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