PM Dr Shukor Razak on TV AlHijrah

Recently, our own exemplary staff PM Dr Shukor Abd Razak was given the opportunity to speak at TV AlHijrah on a new app, Kongsi Berita, that is launched in conjunction with the program on TV AlHijrah of the same name. This app is developed for the use of the community in a group which include PM Dr Shukor Abd Razak, PM Dr Mazleena Salleh, Dr Masitah Ghazali, Dr Ismail Fauzi Isnin and Ms Hazinah Kutty Mammi. We were also aided by the development team made of FC alums from Kuhosu Studio. The Kongsi Berita app focuses on combating fake viral news that could impair the community through easy sharing and verification by authority.

Here is the video of the interview,

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