2nd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics – Towards Nth – Dimensional Data Science for Information Economy | BDC

2nd International Workshop on Big Data Analytics – Towards Nth – Dimensional Data Science for Information Economy | BDC

23 – 24 August 2016
Venue : Hotel Jen Puteri Harbour, Johor, Malaysia

IWBDA 2016 is organized by UTM Big Data Centre, a centre of excellence under the Ibnu Sina Institute for Scientific and Industrial Research of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

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Bachelor Degree of SCSR 2016 Mini Conference & Workshop

Bachelor Degree of SCSR 2016 Mini Conference & Workshop


On the effort to weave New Academia Learning Innovation framework on our Bachelor Degree Program, a mini conference (SCSR 2016) and two workshops have been successfully organized on 15th – 17th of May 2016.

SCSR 2016 was held on 15th May 2016 with two keynote speakers from TM Research and Development Sdn. Bhd. (TMRND) and CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM). Speaker from TMRND is Dr Ahmad Tajuddin bin Samsudin, shared his research on Network Softwarization, while speaker from CSM, Dr Aswami Fadillah bin Mohd Ariffin talked about Detection, Eradication and Forensic Analysis on Cyber Treats (Malware). During the parallel sessions in the afternoon, 19 papers were presented by 39 final year students of Bachelor Degree of Computer Science majoring in Computer Network and Security. The papers presented were in the field of Network and Security (SCSR).


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CISCO Girls Power Tech

CISCO Girls Power Tech

A Cisco Global Mentoring Initiative part of GIRLS IN ICT

28 April 2016
Seminar Hall, Faculty of Computing
Attendee: 4th Year SCSR students

Agenda as follows:
9.30am – Arrivals
10.00am – Opening: Ahmad Zaierif, Cisco Systems
10.15am – Welcoming Speech: Dean, UTM FC
10.25am – Academic Excellence Cheque Presentation to UTM from Cisco
10.30am – Mentor 1: Fadzil Awang, Cisco Systems (Public Sector Sales)
11.00am – Mentor 2: Muhammad Khan, Cisco Systems (Collaboration Specialists)
11.30am – Mentor 3: Christopher Chong, Cisco Systems (Unified Computing Specialists)
12.00pm – Cisco TV Live Webinar
1.00pm – Lunch
2.00pm – End
Lawatan Dr Takeru Yokoi (TMCIT Jepun) ke FC

Lawatan Dr Takeru Yokoi (TMCIT Jepun) ke FC

Perbincangan bersama Dr Takeru Yokoi dari Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology (TMCIT) telah diadakan pada Selasa, 22 March 2016. Turut sama menyertai perbincangan adalah penyelaras program Sarjana Keselamatan Maklumat, Dr Maheyzah, penyelaras program Sarjana Muda Sains Komputer (Rangkaian dan Keselamatan), Dr Raja Zahilah, Penyelaras Projek Sarjana Muda, Dr Siti Hajar serta ahli IASRG, Dr Anazida. Perbicangan adalah berkaitan dengan kurikulum Keselamatan Maklumat sambil bertukar pandangan mengenai pembentukan kurikulum Keselamatan Maklumat di peringkat diploma yang akan dijalankan di TMCIT, Tokyo, Jepun. Dr Takeru juga menyatakan hasrat menyertai sebarang latihan berkaitan Keselamatan Maklumat yang bakal dihadiri oleh ahli Jabatan/ RG.

Public Talk and Hands-on Workshop | PCRG

Public Talk and Hands-on Workshop | PCRG

IPV6 Workshop
The Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Computing is inviting you to participate in its forthcoming Public Talk and Hands-on Workshop. Both Talk and workshop are to be conducted by visiting Professor Dr. Nuno M. Garcia from the University of Beira Interior (UBI), Portugal (see below for his short biography). 
Public Talk
Title: Internet of Things (IoT)
Date: 10th August 2015
Time: 2:30 pm – 5.00 pm
Venue: Seminar Hall, Block N28A, 
             Faculty of Computing.
2-Days Hands-on Workshop
Title:   IPv6: Theory and hands-on
Date:  11th -12th August 2015
Time:  10.00 am – 5.00 pm (Day 1), 
            9.00 am – 12.00 pm (Day 2)
Venue: CCNA Lab, Block N28, 
             Faculty of Computing.  
Important Notes: 
1. The dates of the workshop are TENTATIVE. However, another email will be sent upon confirmation of the dates.
2. Only 20 seats are available for the workshop. Thus, interested persons should send their full name, contact phone number and email address to amumar@yahoo.com. coulibaly@utm.my.   
3. For further information contact: Dr. Yahaya Coulibaly (coulibaly.utm.my)
Top 50 the most downloaded paper of IEEE Sensor Journal | PCRG

Top 50 the most downloaded paper of IEEE Sensor Journal | PCRG

IEEE Sensor Council To:
Mr. Abdul Waheed Khan, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanan Abdullah, Dr. Mohammad Abdur Razzaque, Mr. Javed Iqbal Bangash, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
On behalf of the IEEE Sensor Council I am pleased to congratulate you, the coauthors of the paperVGDRA: A Virtual Grid-Based Dynamic Routes Adjustment Scheme for Mobile Sink-Based Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 15, No.1, January 2015, for your paper being on of the 50 most downloaded Sensors Journal papers in the months of January, February and March 2015.


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Local ATMs Hacked: Should We Worry About Our Money? – Malaysian Digest

BEWARE!  ATM hackers can compromise your personal bank accounts too!

Although bank authorities have assured the public that there is no cause for alarm as these recent hackings will not affect their personal accounts, there are computer IT analysts who have a different view.  Among them is Dr. Syed Zainudeen Mohd. Shaid, senior lecturer in the Faculty of Computer Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM).

When Malaysian Digest asked his opinion about whether the recent ATM hacking incidents can jeopardize personal bank accounts, he gave the following observation;

“Yes, any computerized system is vulnerable to hacking and unauthorized access in any number of ways; perhaps there was no device at that time to prevent the system breach which was not anticipated.  otherwise a system upgrade or enhanced security features can make it more difficult for them to hack the ATMs.”

According to Dr. Zainudeen, this modus operandi has been used before in 2012 and similarly, a large sum of money was also lost to the hackers at that time.

“ATM hacking by inserting a malware into the machine operating system through various means has been attempted in Europe and the US over the last few years and this new wave of cybercrime has also reached Malaysia,” he said.

“Usually the perpetrators will carry out their illegal transactions when the banks have just topped up the ATM machines with fresh currency notes; these cyber criminals have the means to monitor and check whether the ATMs are loaded with currency notes or not,” he added.

He also questioned the management of the local banking institutions for not taking prevention and proactive measures to upgrade the security features of their ATM networks nationwide after a similar wave of ATM hackings four years ago.

Dr. Zainudeen explained that ATM machines system can even be remotely hacked so it is not a far stretch for these cyber robbers to find a way to access individual bank accounts in the future.

“With the rise of identity theft worldwide which is made easier by people’s increasing dependence on online transactions, personal data and  user information can be easily stolen and misused to gain access and ultimately control over individual bank accounts,” he observed.

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