An interview with…. MOHD FAKHRULRADHI 4 SCSR

Fourth year students at the faculty is currently undergoing industrial training (Latihan Industri) for 5 months starting early September. This year, 11 of our FC students are doing LI in Germany. Nine students is placed in Aachen and two more in Heidelberg. MOHAMAD FAKHRULRADHI BIN MOHD SHA’RI and NORSYAZWANI BINTI MOHD PUAD are two SCSR (Computer Network and Security) students in Aachen.  Here is a brief interview we did with Radhi.


  • How do u get the internship in Aachen, Germany?

Puan Rashidah, one of the JKLI members for SCSR program recommended me to Dr Nor Bahiah about an internship to Aachen Germany. The internship is a DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) project from Dr Toni Anwar called “Digital Lifestyle”. Students will be interviewed first by Dr Toni himself and a representative from Aachen, Germany, who is Andreas Steffens. The acceptance result will depends on both interviews. Before the interview started, you need to show your past projects, I mean all of them, from the first semester. Better start save all your projects in Google Drive! If you have good discipline and showed interest in doing internship abroad, you are good to go!

In addition, it would be great if you can communicate more with the JKLI committee and tell them that you wish to do internship abroad. You also can get lots of new information about internship and other important stuffs that might help you in the future.


  • What about your financial/budget?

We are really grateful to DAAD because the project give us a scholarship for 4 months. Because the official date given by the faculty is more than 4 month, you need to find extra budget for the fifth month or you can discussed with Dr Bahiah about the internship date. But, the scholarship is still enough to cover for 5 whole month. Better start saving from now! The food is cheap, and it is easy to find halal foods here. You can find supermarket almost everywhere here.


  • How is the internship there in Aachen?

Wonderful! They have a great working environment here. I love doing my internship here in IVU Traffic Technologies. Everyone here is very friendly. They also like to make events and also parties to strengthen their bonds. Working hours here are very flexible. Under German labor law, the permitted total working time is 40 hours. It doent’s matter how you spend your working time everyday, as long as it is a total 40 hours, you are fine. Example, from Monday to Thursday, I will work for about 9 hours and on Friday for 4 hours.

In IVU, they also provide free coffee and fruits for their workers. They also provide me a room to do my works, with a two monitor PC. In Germany, everyone here use their first name to communicate with their colleagues, even for CEO. I have met some great friends and received very good support from my colleagues.

  • How’s life there in Aachen

It‘s great! Although some of them cannot speak English, they are really helpful. For your information, Aachen is a very international city because it is located near to three country border, which is Germany, Belgium, and Netherland. It is very cold here. We arrive here in autumn and the temperature can go as low as 10 degree celcius. The city has a very nice view and you can see lots of shops there. Whenever you go, you will see lots of trees. You can go sightseeing in Aachen or anywhere around it on Saturday, and have a rest on Sunday (because all shops are closed). In here, you need to walk a lot. It is better if you learn how to use their buses and buy a monthly pass as soon as possible.


  • What are the best things that you can found here

I really impressed with the technologies that they use here. Everything is very high-tech. I like how they manage their buses here. The buses here are very friendly to disabled and elder people. The people here are very generous and polite, and ready to help you anytime if you have problems. The foods are cheap and you can drink the water directly from the tap! Never a single day you will feel bored in Aachen.