SCSR Family Day

On the 29th of September 2017, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Computing organized a family day for all students from year 1 to year 3 and lecturers in network and security (SCSR) field. The purpose of this event is mainly to create and strengthen the bond between lecturers and students.


A week earlier, Ms Marina set up a task force with representatives from different year – Fatihah (1SCSR), Miki (2SCSR), Faris, Amar and Nik (3SCSR). They brainstormed and helped organize the event. The students has started doing the preparation on Wednesday after class. All SCSR’s students and lecturers participate actively throughout this event. Students has been made into different group of different years and has been given task purposely to increase the affection towards each other within the faculty.


This event is official by the Head of Department of Computer Science, Associate Professor Norafida Ithnin. In her speech, she hopes that through this event, our beloved faculty especially SCSR department, will become more cheerful than before thus making the students feels comfortable in our faculty. She also hopes that SCSR department can become the trendsetter for others to initiate an event and the bond created between students and lecturers.


The main event of this family day is the “Gotong-Royong” which involve in cooking, mural painting and cleaning the SCSR department compound. According to Low Wan Shen from 2SCSR, the experience he gained is quite fun since he could gather with new people and work together to do something useful – painting the mural. He is proud of been able to design the pattern with his teammate and painted it together with them. Our first-year student, Shamin who has also been doing the mural painting state that it is not easy to decorate a mural, but she tried her best to make our department prettier.


For the cooking team, Farahanies said that their team members have been assigned to a smaller team according to each menu and the menus are fried rice, sausage cheese, crab rangoon, grilled chicken, spaghetti bolognese and carbonara, ice-cream Malaysia, brownies and more. They enjoyed working together with lecturers as they can also learn some new cooking skills. According to her, the most satisfying moment is when everyone enjoys their food. The most favorite menu would be spaghetti and sausage cheese.


As the head of cleanliness, Shariska enjoy working in her group. She admitted it was quite hard to communicate with each and every one in her group. But as they kept on working together they started to get along and Shariska believe this is a great opportunity in creating the teamwork and bond between the senior and junior. Faris Akmar, the president of Persatuan Mahasiswa Sains Komputer (PERSAKA) also believe that this event somehow does sparks the bond between the lecturers and students. He also stated that this bond is important especially for the third-year student for their preparation for internship later and for junior, they can enquire the help and guides of their senior.


Thank you to Ms Marina, Ms Hazinah, Ms Rashidah, Dr Mazura and Dr Maheyzah for loaning items for the event. Also to KJ Dr Nora for officiating the event, Professor Dr Kamalrul, Deputy Dean of Research and Development, Encik Noh, Encik Firoz, Dr Anazida, Dr Maheyzah, Ms Marina, Ms Rashidah, Dr Maheyzah and Dr Mazura for attending the event with their families. Our thanks to all lecturers who gave monetory contribution. 


As conclusion, in creating a more friendlier and cleaner environment, everyone shows their effort and hard work as well as their teamwork spirit making this event a success. Report by Nur Insyirah binti Zulkapli, 3SCSR and majority of photos taken by Muhammad Haziq Danial bin Musal 1SCSR.