11 OCTOBER 2016. 2-4PM @BK1

  1. Welcoming speech by the Head of Department (Dr Muhammad Shafie)
  2. Sharing session
    1. Dr Mazura “Academic Guidelines & Useful Sites”
    2. Ms Marina “Forecasting Grade & Getting Around”
    3. Ms Hazinah “That Extra Bit of Knowledge”
  3. PA introductions (Dr Zahilah).
  4. Tea with PA

Academic Advisors (PA) for SCSR First Year Students:

The report from Ms Hazinah

On Tuesday 11 October, the department held a seminar for all the first year students of Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Network and Security); affectionately called SCSR. In the seminar, the students are introduced to their Academic Advisor and our Task Force, which consists of Marina, Mazura, Raja Zahilah and I, took the helm of organizing the event and the presentations.

The students were mostly attentive and the atmosphere was casual and fun. We aimed to give the students some knowledge, insight and useful tips in uni-life survival, that they can employ. I do hope that the our objective of the program was achieved, and all of us benefited greatly from it.