SCSR Programming Clinic

Computer Science students are often associated with programming, no matter what their specialization is. Programming Clinic is somewhat an additional programming class, though at simultaneously, it is not the exact same. As the name suggests, Programming Clinic is a ‘clinic’ to help students who do not have a strong grip on the basics of programming, to improve their comprehension on programming and further strengthen their programming skills and knowledge. This is not done like normal lectures, wherein lecturers teach the students only. Instead, it is accomplished by having students that are recognized to have an already good comprehension of programming as mentors to share their knowledge with others. With that being said, Programming Clinic is similar to that of a mentor-mentee session, but with the supervision of lecturer, numerous exercises, and discussions are done throughout the sessions.


The programming clinic is anchored by Puan Lizawati with 2SCSR as the mentors.

Last year, it was done for PT2 class and is continued this semester with PT1.