SCSR students at Google Games Southeast Asia 17 Mar 2018

Google Games Southeast Asia was held on 17th March 2018 by Google Malaysia, at Google Office Malaysia. There were total 14 team from all around university of Malaysia to join this games. We feel so honour to be one of the team. My team name is Infinity and our group has 4 people who is Low Wan Shen, Teoh Shu Ping, Teo Wen Long and Koh Leong Chien. All 2SCSR.

Other SCSR students involved are:
Surein Rajah 1SCSR, Amirul Izham 1SCSR, Yazwan 2SCSR, Eric Khoo 3SCSR.

Group photo of our group at Google Office before the event starts

There is a Welcome session to welcome the arrival of all team. After welcome session, we had been provided a mission. In this mission, there is many question we need to solve by using our creativity and programming skills. The questions were challenging but fun.

After the welcome session, there was a workshop everyone need to attend. There was a sharing session from Googlers who came from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. They share all about their great experience in Google and the ways they been successfully selected to be one of the Googlers.

We enjoyed a great lunch at “gerai gugel”. After lunch, we had mission 2. After one and half hours solving the problem, we have a break. During break, we can ask many question we interested to Googlers around us. After mission 2, there will be a mock interview. The Googlers showed the flow of the interview and what kind of question will be asked if we get call to an interview from Google. After the mock interview, there will be a photo session which we can took photo with those Googlers.

Such a games is a great experience and give us to get know how great is Google company.


Written by Miki, 2SCSR.