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Industrial training is significantly beneficial to all concerned parties in contributing towards the development of the nation.

Being a student, one can acquire Industrial experiences and at the same time familiarize themselves with the real working environment at the Industrial training site. This opportunity also enables them to further expand their creativity while seizing the profession ethical values as basis to venture into professional career in the future. Therefore, students must develop themselves to become a valuable asset to the esteemed organization or industry.

In the meantime, the industry or organization shall be able to recognize, assess and guide their potential future employees. For some organizations, the students undertaking the Industrial training have in fact overcome the scarcity of professional workforce within the organization. On top of that, the industry/organization may also indirectly acquire professional consultation from the Faculty Supervisor during their visits to the organization.

On the other hand, the Faculty Supervisors, apart from guiding, supervising and assessing the students, may also obtain enormous information on the current developments in the industry/organization, which will enrich themselves as academic staffs.

By realising the advantages and the limitless amount of benefits that can be accomplished by all parties through this Industrial training, the excellent collaboration between the University and the industry must be greatly considered. The students and the Faculty Supervisors as the unification chain between the University and the organization must play their considerable parts so that the Industrial training will turn out as the most awaited activity by all parties in order to achieve common aims and aspirations.