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Industrial training is a main component in the Bachelor of Computer Science curriculum at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). A successful Industrial training is essential for the students to be eligible for the degree. During the industrial training, the students shall be placed at selected organizations for a certain period, in which they shall be exposed to the reality of the industrial environment. This shall also enable the students to prepare themselves for future career endeavour.

These guidelines are prepared as a reference to facilitate the students in various academic programs such as Bachelor of Computer Science (Bioinformatics), Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering), Bachelor of Computer Science (Computer Networks & Security), Bachelor of Computer Science (Graphics & Multimedia Software), and Bachelor of Computer Science (Data Engineering). The guidelines shall help the students in completing their industrial training successfully.


Industrial training refers to the placement of a student for a minimum of TWENTY (20) weeks at an external organization to experience and apply their knowledge theoretically in the professional employment. It is also intended for the student to gain exposure in every aspects of career life – socially, culturally, interactions and work conducts.