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Responsibilities of Students

  1. attending the industrial training briefing;
  2. exploring and gathering information about the industrial training industry for the approval of the School Industrial Training Committee;
  3. officially informing the School Industrial Training Committee on the acceptance or decline of the placement offer;
  4. notifying the School Industrial Training Committee soon after reporting at the industry;
  5. consulting the University Supervisor when meet with challenges;
  6. arranging for the accommodation and transportation for the industrial training;
  7. completing the tasks assigned by the industry;
  8. making notes of daily activities using the online log book, write the industrial training report and execute any other tasks as instructed;
  9. giving full cooperation to the industry at all times;
  10. meeting the training scopes as required by the industry;
  11. contributing to the industry in the right capacity and maintain positive attitude;
  12. conforming to the industry rules and regulations;
  13. ensuring full attendance at the industry on every working day;
  14. observing self safety throughout the training;
  15. building good rapport with the industry as ground to venture into professional career;
  16. maintaining the University’s good reputation;
  17. submitting all related documents to the School Industrial Training Committee in the timeframe as scheduled in the industrial training calendar;
  18. complying with the University and University College Act, 1971 and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Practices (Students’ Discipline), 1999.