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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the industrial training, the students shall be able to:

  • apply the knowledge acquired at the organization;
  • recognize the industry organizational structure and the roles and responsibilities within the organization;
  • interact and communicate effectively at all levels;
  • present critical and innovative opinions with confidence, as well as be capable of resolving problems professionally;
  • demonstrate excellent ethics and integrity in their work conducts;
  • work as a team player efficiently;
  • deliver a comprehensive technical report.


The scopes of the industrial training include but not limited to:

  • System development according to the students’ program specialization; in group or individually. The students should be involved in any of these phases: system analysis, system design, system coding, system validation and verification, system documentation and system maintenance;
  • Experience in various line of work through guided tasks such as data collection, experiment sampling, computer hardware installation, maintenance and repair, system design and development, resource management and etc.;
  • Exposure in management and administration aspects including acquiring overall understanding about processes and operations of a system;
  • Involvement in positive activities within the organization.