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Reporting at Industrial Training Site

The students are required to report for the Industrial training at the industry on the set date and time. They need to dress appropriately, portray excellent appearance, demonstrate great interest to start the training and keep good image of the University at all time.

Documents required for reporting
i) Confirmation letter for reporting for industrial training;
ii) Student Metric Card;
iii) Industrial Training Guidebook (download from ITS).

Immediate Action After Reporting for Industrial Training
Upon reporting, the students are expected to:
i) Complete the Report Duty Verification form (BLI-1D)  and validated by the Industry Supervisor;
ii) Consult the Industry Supervisor pertaining to the scope of responsibilities;
iii) Communicate to the Faculty Supervisor concerning the work scopes assigned by the industry, name and contact number of the Industry Supervisor, location map and the complete address.

The students should deliver/mail/fax the Report Duty Verification Card to the Industrial Training Coordinator in the first week of the Industrial training.

Industrial Training Venue Change
The industrial training shall be conducted at the site authorized by SC. Change of the Industrial training site, as per instruction from the industry, must be reported in writing to the University Supervisor and the Industrial Training Coordinator, at once.

Accommodation and Transportation During Industrial Training
The students are expected to self-arrange their accommodation and transportation during the industrial training. Any changes of the students’ contact number and email address must be immediately informed to the Faculty Supervisor and the Industrial Training Coordinator.

Industrial Training Duration

The industrial training shall be conducted within the duration as determined by SC.

The students may start the industrial training in advance. However, they are not allowed to end the training earlier than the predetermined period.

The students, who are violating the above regulations, may be imposed with disciplinary actions and graded as FAIL.

The students who wish to extend their industrial training period should obtain the approval from the Student Affairs, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and at the same time inform the University Supervisor and the Industrial Training Coordinator on the matter.

Change of Industrial Training Industry

Students are NOT ALLOWED to change the place of Industrial training unless with a written consent from the Industrial Training Committee, SC, UTM.

The students who illegally move to other industry shall be considered violating the industrial training regulations and may be graded as FAIL.

For the permitted change of industry, the students should comply with the following rules:
i) Change of industry should only take place not later than the second week of the Industrial training;
ii) Obtain in advance a written approval from the Industrial Training Coordinator and ensure that the University Supervisor is informed;
iii) Receive the withdrawal letter from the former industry;
iv) Receive the Industrial training placement confirmation letter from the new industry;
v) Immediately alert in writing to the Industrial Training Coordinator and to the University Supervisor concerning the industry change, such as address of the new industry combine with its location map, name and contact number of the new Industry Supervisor and the scope of responsibilities.

Log Book

The students are required to note and update their daily activities using e-log system on every working day. The log should be checked by the Organization Supervisor bi-weekly. The students are also required to submit the log to the Faculty Supervisor for evaluation at the end of Industrial training.


The students are obligated to show up on every working day during the Industrial training and are expected to conform to the regulations set by the organization.


The students are not entitled to apply for rest leave or annual leave. Nevertheless, leave for official matters must be approved in advanced by the Organization Supervisor.

In case of emergency, the students should immediately notify the organization and obtain the leave approval letter from the organization.

Only medical certificates certified by government General Practitioner shall be accepted by the University. The students should affix a copy of the medical certificates in the log book and send another copy to the Faculty.

The students who go on leave without the organization’s approval shall be considered violating the Industrial training regulations and may be imposed with disciplinary actions.

Breach of Industry Regulations

The students who breach the organization regulations, thus jeopardize the University reputation, can be imposed with disciplinary actions under the University and University College Act, 1971 and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Practices (Students’ Discipline), 1999.

Withdrawal of Students from the Organization

In the interest of the University, the Industrial Training Committee, at anytime during the Industrial training period, may withdraw any students from any of the organizations.

Industrial Training Report

The students are required to complete a Industrial training report. The report should be submitted to the Faculty Supervisor immediately at the end of the Industrial training. Refer to Section 4.1.1 for the Industrial training report writing guidelines.

Plagiarism is defined as “act of exploiting the work of a party without due credit – and claim them as your own”. All ideas and articles extracted from any resources without disclosing its original source is also deemed as plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a serious academic offence for which the students may be imposed with disciplinary actions under the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Practices (Students’ Discipline).

To prevent plagiarism, the students are strongly advised to rephrase using own words all excerpts from any resources and disclose the original source of the information.

Organization Confidentiality
The students should not at any time expose any information concerning the organization to external parties, unless with the consent from the organization.

The students should not, without permission, print, reproduce or capture image of documents or tools deemed confidential by the organization.

Signing of contract or agreement with the company

Student should be careful when asked to sign any contract or conditional agreement with a company that can have an impact on student’ future career. Please contact Deputy Dean for Academic (TDA) for any questions about the contract or agreement. Organization shall not make any agreement with the students other than what is written under the scope section in the Industrial training guidebook before or during the Industrial training period without the approval and consent from the student and faculty.

Visit by Faculty Supervisor and Work Presentation

The Faculty Supervisor will visit the Industrial training site to monitor and assess the student’s performance. Generally, the official visit takes place during the last two weeks of the Industrial training period.

The Faculty Supervisor must determine the visit date and the students are expected to present their Industrial training outcomes during the visit. It is the responsibility of the students to notify the Organization Supervisor of the visit.

3.12 Student Performance Evaluation Form by Organization Supervisor

Students are required to hand over the Performance Evaluation Form by Organization Supervisor (BLI-2B) to the Organization Supervisor for assessment purposes. Students must remind the organisation supervisor to return the evaluation form to faculty supervisor.

The Organization Supervisor needs to return the performance evaluation form to the Faculty Supervisor during the Faculty Supervisor’s visit to the organization.

Completion of Industrial Training

The students should complete the Industrial training by the defined date stipulated in the Industrial training offer letter. The students are expected to report to the Faculty and submit the following documents to their respective Faculty Supervisor within the specified timeframe (refer to the provided Industrial training calendar):
i) Bound Industrial Training Report;
ii) Log Book;
iii) Industrial Training Evaluation Form by Student (BLI-1E).