Master of Science (Information Technology Management)

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Program Profile

This is a join venture program implemented on a Full-time and Part-time basis, which are initiated by the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) with Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) and International Business School (IBS) respectively.  Its main objective is to produce IT entrepreneurs (IT Technopreneurs) at the postgraduate level.  This is an effort to increase the n8umber of highly skilled local IT technopreneurs as the developers of hardware, software and creative content.

The expected duration for Full-time program is 1.5 yearrs (3 regular semesters + 1 short semester), and 2 years for part-timers (4 regular semesters).  Technopreneurs are needed to complete 40 credits before graduation where 12 credits are dedicated to completing an IT-based product development project.  For full-time students, three series of Entreprenurship Modules (Latihan Pembentukan Usahawan-LPU Series 1,2 & 3) are offered by MARA to technopreneurs within the duration of their studies, which are normally scheduled during semester breaks.  These modules are part of the requirement for graduation as required by MARA as the sponsor.  As for part-time students, several compulsory workshops that are organized are carried out throughout the programme and must be attended by part-time students.

Besides the normal class lectures, this program also adopts a Teaching Factory concept where technopreneurs have to undergo extensive practical exposure to enhance their business as well as their entrepreneurial skills.  Industrial involvement is eminent to the success of this program, thus technopreneurs will be engaged to industrial or business mentors through the Mentoring & Coaching concept introduced.  To further equip the technoprenurs to become more competent, innovative, versatile and possess ethical entrepreneurial values, they will be exposed to various kinds of external entrepreneurial programs such as seminars, series of the short courses, business discourse, workshops, business forums and networking, business competitions, business visits etc.

Entry Requirement

For Full-Time application, applicant  must have the following academic qualifications:
a)      At least Bachelor’s degree with good honors in the area of computer science or IT related discipline from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any other institutions or higher learning recognized by the university senate.
b)      A Bachelor’s degree from other technical background with at least two years working experience in IT related field may also be considered.

A pre-requisite course is compulsory for such candidate.
For Part-Time application, applicants must have the following academic qualifications:
a)      At least a Bachelor’s degree with good honors in the area of computer science or IT related discipline from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia or any other institution of higher learning recognized by the university senate.
b)      Currently a working professional or an existing technopreneurs.

Special Requirements

Apart from the academic requirements, candidates must also posses and display strong entrepreneurship qualities and desires to pursue IT entrepreneurial endeavor.  For this purpose, an entrepreneur-qualifying test will be conducted prior or during interview session.

Curriculum Structure

There are 13 compulsory courses that need to be undertaken by all students in this programme. These 13 courses cover the total of 45 credits, which includes University Common Elective Courses (3 credits), Faculty Compulsory Courses (6 credits), IT Core Courses (9 credits), IT Entrepreneurship Core Courses (10 credits) and Master Projects (17 credits). The total minimum number of credits required for the award of a degree is 45 (or 48 with pre-requisite course) credits and candidates must obtain a final academic grade of at least 3.0 CGPA.

Another additional course, the pre-requisite (3 credits) is offered to students who do not have basic in computer science or IT / or to selected candidates as agreed by Interview panelist. During interview session, students are informed on whether they are required to register for this course.

The details of the courses within this programme can be divided into 4 main components:

  1. Pre-requisite Course
  2. University Common Elective Course
  3. Faculty Compulsory Courses
  4. Master Projects

Further description on each of the courses including course codes, course names and credit hours can be referred in Table below:-


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