Master of Science (Information Technology Entrepreneurship)

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Curriculum Structure

There are 13 compulsory courses that need to be undertaken by all students in this programme. These 13 courses cover the total of 45 credits, which includes University Common Elective Courses (3 credits), Faculty Compulsory Courses (6 credits), IT Core Courses (9 credits), IT Entrepreneurship Core Courses (10 credits) and Master Projects (17 credits). The total minimum number of credits required for the award of a degree is 45 (or 48 with pre-requisite course) credits and candidates must obtain a final academic grade of at least 3.0 CGPA.

Another additional course, the pre-requisite (3 credits) is offered to students who do not have basic in computer science or IT / or to selected candidates as agreed by Interview panelist. During interview session, students are informed on whether they are required to register for this course.

The details of the courses within this programme can be divided into 4 main components:

  1. Pre-requisite Course
  2. University Common Elective Course
  3. Faculty Compulsory Courses
  4. Master Projects

Further description on each of the courses including course codes, course names and credit hours can be referred in Table below:-