1. WEAR PROPER APPAREL : No loose clothing , glove rings bracelet or others jewerly to get caught in moving parts. Non slip foot wear is recommend . Wear protective hair covering to contain long hair
2. ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION : Refer to ANSLZ87.1 standard for appropriate recommendation. Also use face or dusk mask if cutting operation is dusty
3. DON’T OVERBREACH : Keep proper footing and balance at all times . Do not stand inside yellow line during maching operating .

4. NEVER STAND ON TOOLS : Serious injury could occur if the tool is tipped or if the cutting too is accidentally contacted.

5. NEVER LEAVE TOOL RUNNING UNATTENDED. TURN POWER OFF : Don’t leave tool until it comes to complete stop.

6. DRUGS , ALCOHOL , MEDICATION : Do not operate tool while under influence of drug , alcohol or any medication.


1. DON’T FORCE TOOL: It will do the job better and be safer at the rate for which it was designed

2. USE RIGHT TOOL: Don’t force tool or attachment to do a job for which it was designed.

3.SECURE WORK : Use clamp or a vise to hold work when practical. It’s safer than using yourhands frees to both hand to operate tool.

4. USE RECOMMEND ACCESSORIES: Consult the owner’s manual for recommended accessories . The use of improper accessories may cause hazards .
5. AVOID ACCIDENT STARTING : Make sure switch is in “OFF” position before plugging in power cord .


MAKE all adjustment with the power off . In order to obtain the machine , precision and correct ways of adjustment while assembling , the user should read the detail instruction in the manual.

1. KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN : Cluttered areas and benches invite accident .

2. DONT USE IN DANGEROUS ENVIRONMNET : Don’t use power tools in damp or wet location , or expose them to rain . Keep work area well lighted
3. KEEP CHILDREN AND VISITORS AWAY : All children and visitors should be kept a seft distance from work area .

4. DON’T install and use this machine in explosive , dangerous environment



1. DISCONNECT machine from power source when making repair .

2. CHECK DAMAGED PART : To ready every details of trouble shooting , repair it very carefully and make sure the operator wont get injure and damage the machine