2.1 Procedure to change the tool

2.1.1 Close all electrical supply to the CNC machine mill Jr.





2.1.2 Using appropriate sepanar. Open the ‘collet chuck’. Rotate to the right to open up and to the left to lock





2.1.3 Input of tool holder and the tool into the ‘collet chuck’. Make sure the size and use appropriate tool. Sepanar Turning to the left to lock ‘collet chuck’.





2.2 Procedure for the workpiece down and start work

2.2.1. Shut off all electrical supply to the CNC machine mill Jr.





2.2.2 Ensure the workpiece size is compatible with the maximum movement of CNC machines. Material size allowed is 15 ‘X 7’ X 4 ‘. Location should begin at the midpoint of the work table. Lock workpiece using appropriate equipment. Make sure there is no cavity between the workpiece and a work desk.


2.2.3 ‘ON’ electricity to the machine. By using a ‘HAND HELD’ bring the tool to the center of the workpiece. Make sure the tool is in the middle of the center of the workpiece and the Z axis is to be less than 0.1 mm from the workpiece (To obtain satisfactory results).




2.2.4 Turn the switch (left / right) to turn the cutter motor. By using X2 CNC press “ZERO ALL ‘for setting the midpoint of the midpoint of the workpiece and the beginning of the machine.




2.2.5 Input NC code into the software. Make sure the code can be used by software by pressing the ‘DRAW’. If there is a painting displayed then machining simulation can dijankan. If there is ‘ERROR’, correct the NC code and start back step 2.2.5.





2.2.6 Press the ‘GO’ to start machining automatically. If there are problems in the course of machining please press the ‘STOP’ that is in software or merah’EMERGENCY button ‘located in’ HAND HELD. (This will stop the automatic machining and turn the main switch to “OFF” to turn off the cutter motor.



2.2.7 Make sure that the user is close to the machine when the machine is operating. Do not let the machine operate without an operator. When completed the process of machining, turn off all main switches and using a vacuum cleaner, clean the machine. Open the workpiece. Process ends.

2.3.1 Turn off the main switch all CNC machines.




2.3.2 Install sistem’coolant ‘to the CNC machine. NOTE: System ‘Coolant’ is only used for machining involving cuts iron / aluminum. It is not suitable for use as wood cuts.




2.3.3 The main switches. Make sure the nozzle Coolant ‘is in the middle of the table work. Turn the switch ‘Coolant’. Make sure the excess fluid back into the storage tank.