Laboratories management unit Faculty of Computing manage and monitoring all laboratories in the faculty . Some of lab commonly design for teaching and learning program and only equipped with a latest technology of computer . Some of lab equipped with specific technology and design under supervision by each department . We opened the laboratories  for rental and reservation and provide high quality service and support  for using in internal / outsource program . Please contact us for more information and details.

Operating hours


Lab operation:

1. Weekday

  • 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
  • 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm ( require approval from HOD )

2. Weeked

  • 8.00 am – 5.00 pm ( require approval from HOD )




Rental and reservation price



Laboratory policy

A. General Computer Use

  • 1.The computers are available for use by all user ( student / staff / customers ) for educational, research and information purposes. Customers are encouraged to use the computers and internet services to:
  1. Conduct research
  2. Complete homework assignments
  3. Develop and practice computer skills
  4. Improve literacy skills
  5. Learn new languages
  6. Send and receive e-mail
  • Computer and WiFi users with special needs should check in with a staff person to see if those needs can be accommodated. We will make every effort to reasonably accommodate customer’s special needs. Advanced notice of a special need is appreciated.
  • Customer use of laboratory’s computers is limited to the existing equipment and software. Customers may not, under any circumstances:
  1. Delete any existing software programs;
  2. Modify or alter any hard-drive settings;
  3. Save personal files to the computers or computer systems; and
  4. Introduce any virus, worm, spyware, Trojan horses or other program designed to harm the library equipment or software, or in any way compromise the safety and security of the library’s computers or computer system or computer users.
  • Customers may not use the computers for the commission of harmful or illegal activities, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Hacking into any system;
  2. Introducing any virus, worm, spyware, Trojan horses or other program or code into any computer, computer system, software or disks;
  3. Any activities intended to aid in identity or credit card theft;
  4. Engaging in any activities or access any material involving the sexual exploitation of minors, child pornography, or the luring of children;
  5. Viewing materials that are harmful to minors, when children are present;
  6. Violating federal copyright laws by making unauthorized copies of copyrighted or licensed software, data or publications on the Internet;
  7. Violate federal, state or local law or Faculty of Computing LABORATORY MANAGEMENT policy;
  8. Participating in or committing telecommunications fraud;
  9. Engaging in any act that constitutes a criminal offense under federal, state, or local laws or regulations; and,
  10. Any activities which will damage, disable, vandalize or otherwise harm computer equipment, hardware or software.
  • The computers are provided to laboratory customers as an important service. Customers assume all risks when using the public computers made available by LM Faculty of Computing . We does not guarantee that any computer system or software will function flawlessly. We does not support access to all on-line service providers or websites. The computers will not be reconfigured to gain access to any specific Internet Service provider. Our staff members may not always be available to assist customers in entering into any agreements for e-mail or other on-line services.
  • Reservations may be made to use the computers. The length of time for which a computer may be reserved is dependent upon the procedures established by the lab’s technician and is based on available resources, as well as demand.

B. Internet Use

  • Access to the Internet is provided as an integral part of the research, education, and information services. All customers are expected to use the Internet in a manner consistent with these purposes and with respect and consideration of other library users. To the extent possible under applicable state and federal laws, We upholds and affirms the right of adults to have access to constitutionally-protected materials. FSKSM staff members are not responsible for monitoring a child’s use of the Internet. Each customer must carefully consider what information he or she chooses to enter, write or send on the computers or via the FSKSM’s WiFi network. Viruses and malicious code can be transferred via the Internet, despite virus protection and other security software. No encryption software is installed. We does not provide virus protection, encryption or other security for WiFi connections. Customers that chose to use the WiFi connection are advised to install current anti-virus and firewall software on their personal computers. Due to the wide variety of personal computers, personal computer equipment and setting, FSKSM’s staff will not configure personal computer equipment. Any Internet site or service that requires the user to provide personal information may not be safe. A customer who chooses to enter personal information, such as the following, does so at his or her own risk:
  1. Name or alias
  2. Social Security number
  3. Address
  4. Cell or landline telephone numbers
  5. E-mail address
  6. Credit card number
  7. Bank account numbers or other financial information
  8. Personal photographs
  9. Any other personal information
  • By using Faculty of Computing‘s Internet services, a customer accepts full responsibility for and acknowledges that he or she may:
  1. Encounter text, images or sound that he or she may find offensive or disturbing;
  2. Retrieve or use inaccurate or incomplete information;
  3. Introduce a virus, worm or other potentially harmful program or code into his or her software, storage media or computer equipment;
  4. Damage his or her personal software, storage media or computer equipment; or,
  5. Provide information that leads to identity theft or other criminal activity


  • Use of Laboratory’s computers, computer systems, computer programs and access of the Internet on Laboratory’s computers or via the Faculty of Computing WiFi network, is strictly at the users own risk. We does not endorse, warrant, or advocate for any particular software application or Internet web-site. We advises computer and WiFi users that no filtering software is perfect. We does not warrant or guarantee that Internet filters will block all content that is illegal, inappropriate for children or possibly offensive to some customers. Further, we does not warrant or guarantee that Internet filters will allow access to some valuable resource materials that a customer may wish to view. We is not responsible for the accuracy, authority, timeliness or completeness of the information available on the Internet. However, a technician can provide assistance in verifying such information. We takes no responsibility, and does not accept liability, for any direct or consequential harm to computer users, personal or laboratorycomputer equipment, or other property that may result from use of our computers or WiFi network. we takes no responsibility, and does not accept liability, for any of its customer’s computer activities that violate federal law (including copyright infringement), state law, local law or our’s policies. Further, we does not accept liability for the any occurrences that result from calling local law enforcement when it appears that any of these laws or policies are being broken.

Enforcement and Consequences

  • These rules will be enforced in a fair and reasonable manner. Faculty of Computing‘s staff and security personnel will intervene to stop prohibited use of computer equipment and resources. Law enforcement will be contacted if any customer uses the laboratory’scomputer system for what appears to be unlawful. Violation of this policy will result in suspension of computer and WiFi use privileges. For serious violations, we may ask a customer to leave the laboratory, suspend all access privileges or both. Any suspension of entering laboratory and/or computer privileges will apply at all laboratories. Violation of copyright laws can result in severe civil and criminal penalties. The customers who infringe on copyrighted material may have their computer and WiFi privileges suspended. Customers must, when in doubt about whether or not a use may infringe on a copyright, should ask the copyright owner for permission to use (or reproduce) the copyrighted material.


  • Suspension of entering laboratory or computer use privileges may be appealed within ten (10) calendar days of the issuance of the suspension. A suspension will remain in effect unless and until overturned or modified by the LABORATORY MANAGERafter hearing. A Request for Appeal and Hearing must be made in writing and state all of the facts and circumstances the customer intends to use during the appeal hearing. The Request for Appeal and Hearing must be mailed to:
N28 ,
Faculty of Computing
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
83130 Skudai Johor
Johor Darul Takzim

At the hearing, the LABORATORY MANAGER may uphold the suspension as imposed, modify the terms of the suspension, or overrule the suspension. The LABORATORY MANAGER’s decision is final.