Mixed and Virtual Environment Research Lab (mivielab) is a research lab subset to Vicubelab that is focusing in Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality

The technology blurs the line between what’s real and what’s virtual by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

Virtual Reality

On the Mixed Reality spectrum, virtual reality creates immersive, fully computer-generated environments

Human Interfaces

Human Interface Technology aims to improve interactive technology to meet users’ needs.

Professional Training

We provide training and short-course aims to improve our community and grows AR/VR to meet real users.

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Professional Training and Courses

The course covers primarily on developing mobile application interface, an interface that demonstrates how the current technologies as the most flourish young technology – We provide a professional training to discuss on technologies on demand in exciting new ways.

Augmented Reality Course

Professional courses that focus on fundamental concepts and techniques for approaching augmented reality technology

Unity 3D Game Development Course

This course is about to teach beginner about Unity Development Environment and develop a simple game.

Virtual Reality Application Course

This course will first discusses the fundamental principle of virtual reality and its development in simple application

3D Modeling and Animation Course

This course will first discusses the fundamental principle of 3D modeling and covers its simple rigging setup and keyframe animation

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