Ever wondered what is the purpose of completing your Final Year Project (FYP)? Aside from producing a hardbound dissertation and obtaining your bachelor degree, a well thought out FYP utilizing the latest technology and offering innovative solutions can actually benefit more people than you could ever imagine.

An example of such case is the FYP done by a Software Engineering (SCSJ) student from School of Computing, Tan Yeong Keong and his supervisor Dr. Noraini Ibrahim. In completing this FYP, they worked closely with their stakeholders namely the entomological team of Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah Johor Bahru (PKDJB) to try to predict potential Aedes mosquito breeding sites and also explore new technique using the micro services cloud technology.

The poster for this FYP was presented during the 7th International Conference on Smart Computing & Communications (ICSCC 2019) at Curtin University in Miri, Sarawak, and I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to pitch for this project’s poster. The poster pitching session on 28th June 2019 was judged by three renowned academicians. Result for the best posters award was announced during the conference’s gala dinner in Meritz Hotel, and the team was grateful that this research won the best poster award. The pictures show the best posters award winners on stage.

The registration and travel fees to attend this event were sponsored by two UTM grants related to dengue. First sponsorship was from High Impact Research Grant (HIR) headed by Dr. Noraini Ibrahim herself entitled ‘Aedes-Entomological Prediction Analytical Dashboard for Dengue Outbreak Surveillance and Prevention’ while the second sponsorship was from Research University Grant (RUG) headed by Dr. Mohd Adham Isa entitled ‘Predictive Model Using Climate Variables for Prediction of Dengue Incidence in Malaysia’.

The journey of this amazing FYP did not end here because this project has been listed to participate in two larger scale competitions which are Innovate Malaysia Design Competition 2019 (IMDC 2019) and also Grand Challenge Competition in Conjunction with FE UTM Engineering-Industry Innovation Day 2019. This further proves that if you pick FYP titles that solve real stakeholders problems, chances are the projects will be more than just a means of fulfilling the requirement of obtaining your bachelor degree, it can also improve the well-being of the society and solve the said problems.

Report written by: Dr. Shahliza Abd Halim, School of Computing, Faculty of Engineering, UTM.