Postgraduate Annual Research Seminar 2019 (PARS 2019)

PARS 2019 has been designed to provide an atmosphere that will make graduate students gain research insight and good direction for their research activities. It is expected to be an avenue for fostering research networks and exchange of scientific research ideas and tools. More than 300 participation of postgraduate research students from nine different research groups in the School of computing is expected in PARS 2019.



The Postgraduate Annual Research Seminars (PARS) aims at inspiring research, development and technology transfer. The research activities of the postgraduate students are geared toward achieving excellence in research and development. PARS is a platform used by the School of Computing to assist their graduate students in showcasing their research ideas and novel trending. PARS 2019 is the 14th postgraduate annual research seminar to be organized by School of Computing, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.  Over the years the results have been tremendous.

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Mazlan Abbas

It is hoped that this seminar will inculcate the right culture that is geared towards ensuring passion, dedication and commitment for research activities that will be good enough to provide support to the UTM theme “Innovative, Entrepreneurial and Global”. It is also hoped that the seminar will motivate students to participate in national and international conferences. It is anticipated that the students will appreciate the feedback from the various evaluators and get motivated with them. The objectives of PARS are summarized below.


  • To enhance research culture and support research university status
  • To provide a platform for graduate students to present their research progress to the academic community
  • To improve the research direction of graduate students through feedback from the panel of the related research group
  • To document the latest results of research outcomes by postgraduate students of SC from various research groups, focusing on the research field of computer science, software engineering and information systems

Important Dates:

  • Paper Submission: 17th of February 2019
  • Deadline for Submission: 15th of March 2019
  • Extension of Submission Deadline: 20th of March 2019
  • Seminar Date: 10th – 11th of April 2019


All accepted papers will be published in PARS 2019 online proceedings. Selected papers will be published in one of the following journals

  • Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (IJEECS)-Scopus Indexed
  • International Journal of Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJASEIT)-Scopus Indexed
  • International Journal of Innovative Computing (IJIC)-Non Indexed

Outstanding papers presented at the conference will be offered for publication in above mentioned journals subject to the compliance with journals guidelines, terms and conditions.

Compulsory Eligibility Criteria:

MPhil Students: Semester 3 and above who have not submitted their thesis for examination

PhD Students: 2nd Semester, 4th Semester and above who have not submitted their thesis for examination

Not Compulsory but Encouraged to Submit and Participate Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Master Mix Mode Students
  • PhD Students: 3rd Semester
  • Final Year PhD/Master Students: who already submitted Thesis Draft and waiting for VIVA

For further information, please kindly contact the secretariat through email:



Day 1 (WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10th, 2019)

Time Seminar Hall Tutorial Room 1 Tutorial Room 2 Tutorial Room 3 Tutorial Room 4 Tutorial Room 5
Parallel Paper Presentation : Session I
10.00 am – 11.00pm   SCRG (5) SERG(4) ISSI(4) IASRG(5) BIGDATA(3)   SCRG (2)
Parallel Paper Presentation : Session II
11.00 am -1.00 pm ISSI(7) SCRG(10) SERG(6) AIBIG(11) IASRG(11) PCRG(5)
1.00 pm – 2.30 pm LUNCH BREAK
2.30 pm – 4.30 pm OPENING CEREMONY

Day 2 (THURSDAY, APRIL 11th, 2019)

Time Seminar Hall Tutorial Room 1 Tutorial Room 2 Tutorial Room 3 Tutorial Room 4 Tutorial Room 5
Parallel Paper Presentation : Session III
8.30 am – 11.00 am   SCRG (12) SERG(7) ISSI(9) VCUBE(8) PCRG(7)
11.30 am – 2.00pm CLOSING CEREMONY


Kindly download the full programme schedule from here: CLICK ME.