A new semester marks a batch of new students attempting their Final Year Project (affectionately known as PSM by all). To all PSM1 and PSM2 students, here is a flash view of the people involved in your PSM besides yourself.


People in PSM

It is imperative (or should I say very, very, very important) that you meet up with your supervisors regularly. This is to ensure that you won’t get lost ¬†within your PSM. Their purpose is to guide and advise you.

Evaluators are those dreaded people every students fear. But evaluators are there to ensure that the quality of our PSM, our program and our students are maintained, if not exceeded. They are also there to ensure that you work on a scale suitable for a PSM (as opposed to a PHD).

The PSM Coordinators (there is one for PSM1 and one for PSM2 for each program), are the ones who make sure the process of PSM runs smoothly, the rules and regulations are upheld, and of course (at times) rooting out problems. Please heed their notices and announcements.

All of these individuals, understand what it takes for you to achieve the Program Outcome that is set for your PSM. The most important thing you can do are to heed advise and to ask for help when needed.


Knowing where your marks are in PSM is also important. You have a great report but a crappy system or have a great system but a crappy report – not good. marks will be lost. Balance is the key.

Supervision is solely up to supervisors. Final report and system, marks are the average of what is given by your SV and the 2 evaluators. Final presentation marks are average from the evaluators.


PSM calendar tells you the important dates you have to adhere to throughout the semester. You can find the calendar here.


Best of luck in  your PSM.