Committee Member

The PSM Committee of School of Computing (JKPSM-SC)

In School of Computing, our PSM management is handled by Course Coordinator. Their tasks is handle each PSM1 and PSM2 respectively. They are the responsible person who handles the day-to-day running of PSM and is responsible to ensure smooth operation throughout the length of PSM.

The JKPSM current committee members are as listed in below and these are the go-to person for any questions or problems relating to PSM.

JKPSM-SC Committee Structure

Committee Leader : Ms. Hazinah Kutty Mammi (SC PSM Coordinator)

Course Coordinator

SCSR Course
1) Ms. Hazinah Kutty Mammi (PSM 1 and PSM2 – SCSR)

SCSJ Course
1) Dr. Norsham Idris (PSM1- SCSJ)
2) Dr. Ruhaidah Samsuddin (PSM2 – SCSJ)

SCSV Course
1) Ms. Nor Anita Fairus Ismail (PSM1 – SCSV)
2) Dr. Md Sah Hj. Salam (PSM2 – SCSV)

SCSB Course
1)  Dr. Zuraini Ali Shah (PSM1 –  SCSB)
2)  Dr. Haslina Hashim (PSM2 – SCSB)

      SCSP Course (PSM Industry)
       1) Dr Izyan Izzati Kamsani
       2) Dr Muhammad Aliif Ahmad

Course Outline for PSM1 and PSM2.

Please use this for the upcoming semester (Sem21819) and onwards.

Course Outline PSM1

Course Outline PSM2

Please use this for reporting for the upcoming semester (Sem21819) and onwards.

Borang PSM1A

Borang PSM2A