Projects Offered

Dear PSM students, in this page you will find some interesting topics offered by lecturers that you may like to try. Please contact the respective lecturer to further discuss the topics and opportunity for supervision.

Links are available on some for further information and explanation.

Please be advised that it is highly unethical to take a topic from one lecturer and do it under another.

Dr. Ismail Fauzi : PSM projects available

PM Dr Azlan: Project offered

PSM topics from En Syed Othmawi

Dr Sarina Sulaiman: Project offered

PM Dr Shukor : Projects offered

PM Dr Asri: Projects offered

Puan Rashidah: Projects offered

Dr Maheyzah: Projects offered

PSM topics En Hairudin

Dr Yusliza: Projects offered

PM Dr Shukor : Projects Offered

Dr Nur Haliza has PSM projects to offer SCSR students