The objectives of PSM are to evaluate the students on:

  • Coding and developing project according to the proposed plan and design.
  • Verifying and validating developed modules following industrial standard practices.
  • Communicating project ideas and final product through technical report and presentation.
  • Proposing future improvement based on project outcomes

    Phases and Credits

  • Course Code: (SCx 4134) where x is the department special code
    – Computer Network & Security Project 1 (SCR 4134/SCSR 4134)
    – Software Engineering Project 1 (SCJ 4134/SCSJ 4134)
    – Bioinformatics Project 1 (SCB 4134/SCSB 4134)
    – Graphics and Multimedia Software Project 1 (SCV 4134/SCSV 4134)
    – Information System Project 1 (SCD 4134)
  • 4 credits
  • Pre-requisite: Project 1 (SCR3032) -> PSM1

  Execution Procedure

As in PSM1, PSM2 procedure begins with the students’ registration to undertake PSM2.


It is important to mention here that students are not automatically registered to undertake PSM2 even though they have completed and passed PSM1. Normal pre-registration or registration procedure still applies and the failure to register will result in disqualification to undertake PSM2.

  PSM2 Pre-Assessment (Demo 1 and 2)

Students are required to regularly demonstrate their project development updates to their supervisors. These series of demos (Demo 1 and Demo 2) are compulsory and are evaluated as part of PSM2 grade. These demos also act as a benchmark for the supervisor to decide whether the students will proceed with the final presentation.

  Final Report

The final report is essential to PSM2. The early chapters, Chapters 1,2 and 3, are similar to PSM1. It must be reminded that the tenses in Chapter 3 must be changed. In PSM1, Chapter 3 presents the plan, while in PSM2 it presents actions already taken. Consequently, the past tense must be used in PSM2.

As part of their progress, students are required to submit drafts of Chapters 4 and 5 to their supervisors for evaluation. Corrections must be done as required. It is hoped that the quality of the student’s project report is improved by having the on-going report assessments.

Three (3) copies of final reports have to be submitted to the departmental committee following the submission dates in the PSM schedule. The reports will be distributed to the supervisor and two evaluators.

  Presentation/Demo Day

Once the final report has been submitted, students need to prepare themselves for the presentation and demo day.

Unlike PSM1 the presentation for PSM2 is only 20 minutes (15 minutes for slides presentation and 5 minutes for the question and answer session). Only include important points in the slide to make better use of the allocated time. The presentation should contain the following items:

i. An introduction to introduce presenter, the project title, as well as the supervisor.
ii. An overview of the overall presentation (i.e. structure of the presentation, outline).
iii. Project background, aim, objectives, and scopes of the project (Chapter 1).
iv. Summary of literature review and research/system development methodology (Chapter 2 and Chapter 3).
v. An overview of requirement analysis and design (for system based projects); research development and implementation (for research based projects) (Chapter 4).
vi. Summary of system implementation and testing (for system based projects); result and analysis (for research based projects) (Chapter 5).
vii. Conclusion of the project (Chapter 6).

Students are advised to follow the subsequent good practices for their projects’ presentations:

  1. Arrive early for the presentation.
  2. Limit the use of text in slides and make sure there is no spelling error.
  3. Include more figures, pictures, charts, etc.
  4. Have eye contact with the audience.
  5. Dress according to the UTM’s student dress code.
  6. Speak clearly. Do not mumble.
  7. Manage the presentation time so that there is ample time for Q&A session. Practice beforehand.
  8. Do not forget to thank the audience for listening.

After the presentation, the students are required to demonstrate (demo) their projects. The aim of the demo is to evaluate the functionalities of the prototype for system based project or to verify the findings of a research based project. Related questions will be asked by the examiners during the demo session. Students are also required to prepare an A3-sized poster of their project to be displayed during the demo session.

  Report Submission

The final hard-bound thesis should be prepared after all the corrections based on comments by examiners and the supervisors are done. Please ensure that the endorsement forms are completed and submitted.

Students must prepare at least four (4) copies of hard-bound thesis (For Supervisor, Department Coordinator (Department copy), Academic Office (for PSZ library copy) and student copy) and 4 sets of DVD/CDs. The DVD/CDs must contain the following:

 i. Thesis document (format: doc, text etc)
ii. Thesis document (format: pdf)
iii. Abstract (format: pdf)
iv. Poster
v. Prototype
vi. Source code
vii. Application software (used during development)

Note: The failure to submit the thesis along with the DVD/CDs will result in the suspension of the students’ results.