PSM System Online

Welcome to PSM2 System Online

** To all FC’s lecturers and PSM students, starting Semester 1718-2, an evaluation of PSM for all PSM 2 students will be executed through PSM 2 System Online.
** The system can be accessed through URL: -> PSM2 Online

System Functionality (ACTIVE)
a) PSM 2 Students Registration
b) Lecturers (Supervisors and Examiners) Registration
c) Evaluation of PSM 2 Progress 1 by Supervisor
d) Evaluation of PSM 2 Progress 2 by Supervisor
e) Evaluation of PSM 2 during Presentation by Examiners
f) Supervisor Evaluation on Report and Final Output (System or Research Output) -> all items has their own Rubrics
g) Evaluation of Short Paper by Supervisor and Examiners
h) Archive of Previous PSM2 Students Projects

Student User Manual for registration to PSM2 Online System (only registered PSM2 students need to do this).