Prof. Ir. Dr. Rubita Sudirman

Prof. Ir. Dr. Rubita Sudirman

Director, ECE Division

Welcome to the website of Division of Electronic and Computer Engineering at the School of Electrical Engineering (SKE), UTM.

Electronic and Computer Engineering encompasses every aspect of modern life and it gains widespread development due to rapid technological advancement that improve the quality of life. It is our mission to provide the best in teaching and research activities of communication engineering disciplines. We aim to furnish our learners with multitude skills and knowledge for possible leadership in industries, research and innovations features.

ECE is the largest division in SKE with 38 academic staffs (2 Professors, 9 Associate Professors, 26 senior lecturers and 1 lecturer). They are specializing in various communication engineering disciplines which are categorised under microwave, photonics and computer network engineering. Kindly refer to the list of academic staffs to learn more about our specialization.

ECE division is offering few academic courses (core and electives) which support the existing academic programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our laboratories are also well-equipped with the latest equipments for both teaching and research activities. Due to excellent records and performance in teaching and research activities, we manage to attract research funders from local and foreign institutions/industries. This justify a big number of research students (more than 150) currently enrolled in our Masters in Electrical Engineering (Research) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes.

The website has been well-designed so that you will be able to find required information. Please enter and explore our communication world. As it is a matter of communication, kindly get in touch with us should you have any query in mind.

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