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Master Project Title Selection 20202021-1

For those who have registered or will register MKE* 1814 (Project 1) for the 20202021-1 semester, you are required to signup at Postgraduate Online System (POS) in order to eligible for Master Project 1 Title selection. The POS can be accessed by visiting the following link: Postgraduate Online System

Once your account has been verified by the administrator; you are required to choose and submit the project title selection, RPP1-1 that will open from 10 October 2020 – 18 October 2020. Bear in mind, the selection of the master project title is based on first-come first-served basis.

Meanwhile, please take note the action should be taken during the MKE* 1814 project can be found in the following link: Project Research Schedule

Regularly check FKE Postgraduate website for updates.

P/S: please disseminate to others as well.
Thank you.

Revised  Academic Calendar for 20192020-2 session

Please find revise academic calendar for 20192020-2 session as in the following link: click here

Postgraduate Briefing Session 20192020-2


Assalamualaikum and Good Day,


Welcome all new postgraduate students!
We cordially invite you to join the postgraduate briefing as follows.


Program: Postgraduate Briefing Session 2019/2020 Sem.2
Facilitator: Dr. Usman Ullah Sheikh Izzat Ullah Sheikh
Date: 4 February 2020 (Tuesday)
Time: 10.00am
Venue: Level 4, Tutorial Room 5, Block P19A,
School of Electrical Engineering,
UTM Johor Bahru


Attendance: Compulsory for new postgraduate fulltime students