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A rapid development in electronics, computer and telecommunication industry is one of the major contributors to the Malaysian economy.  Rapid development has enabled the electronic, computer and telecommunication industry to flourish. This means that more and more competent electronic graduates are required, to meet the growing demand of skilled manpower. The requirements towards professionals in this field, is gradually intensifying and it is predicted that the need will be continued in the next few years.

Electronic Engineering is a vast area of studies and is gradually expanding. Graduates undertaking this program will face a demanding professional career ahead. Various courses are being offered within the program with the intention of preparing graduates with sufficient knowledge in electronic field.


skel-microe skel-electronic-system
skel-comp skel-biomedic

Bachelor of Electronics Engineering with Honours offered by School of Electrical Engineering is accredited and recognized by the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM). Graduates from the Bachelor of Electronics Engineering with Honours may apply to to register with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, as graduate engineer in the engineering field as shown in table below.


Program Registered Choice of Concentration Degree Awarded Field of Registration with BEM
Bachelor of Electronics Engineering with Honours – [SEEL]
UPU Code – TK02
NEC Code – 523
Electronic System Design
Medical Electronic
Computer Engineering
Telecommunication Engineering
Bachelor of Electronics Engineering with Honours Electronic Engineering