Department of Applied Mechanics & Design


The Department of Applied Mechanics and Design offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in the areas of solid mechanics, systems dynamics and control, mechanics of machines and engineering design. To ensure quality teaching and learning, the department provides internationally competitive education to the students and thus prepares them for a professional career in mechanical engineering and development. Not only that, the students are also equipped with knowledge from various disciplines in solving the engineering problems. The department’s research activities are also focusing on the respective areas mentioned above. Specifically, researchers from the department involve in the studies of the structural mechanics of engineering materials (typically, metals composites and biomaterials), computational modelling, systems design, monitoring and control, computer aided design, virtual reality engineering, reliability and optimization-based design, and industrial and product design. The commitments from the dedicated staff from the department in academic, research, consultancy, and community services have contributed to the excellent achievements of the department in 2015.


Name : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Yazid Yahya
Position: Director (Applied Mechanics & Design)