FESEM is a versatile analytical ultra high resolution that extends imaging and analytical resolution beyond previously achievable limits. It has a unique variable pressure capability that enables the user to examine a variety of non-conducting samples without time consuming preparation.The equipment is well suited for failure analysis, process control and analytical applications. It has a superior resolution in VP mode of up to 2nm at 30kV with high probe current (up to 20nA) and high stability better than 0.2%/h for analytical applications.It also has a unique in-lens detector for clear topographic imaging in high vacuum mode.


The Scanning Electron Microscope is one of a generation of SEMs that is completely controlled from a computer workstation. It employs a thermally assisted Schottky field emission gun for high intensity probe formation. The instrument is ideal for both imaging and microanalysis.


xrd 2

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is used to determine the identity of crystalline solids based on their atomic structure. During XRD analysis, x-ray beams are reflected off the parallel atomic layers within a mineral over a range of diffraction angles. Due to the specific wavelength of the beam, there are only specific angles at which the exiting rays will be picked up by the detector. This will result in a peak on the ‘diffractogram’.Every mineral has its own ‘fignerprint’ and therefore has a distinct set of diffraction peaks where the XRD can be used to identify it.


Buehler’s Image Analysis system provides advanced image editing, enhancement and analysis. The program contains both image enhancement features found in conventional image editors plus a number of advanced features not even available in professional photo suites. Quantitative image analysis is a qualification of the features within the simple image, and these features are identified by the contrast difference they have to their surroundings. Mostly this contrast difference can be seem as difference in gray level in a monochrome image. The machine works with the greyscale of an image by digitising it into 256 level.


Precision cutter is used to section delicate specimens for metals, ceramics, electronics and other engineered materials. It also utilizes diamond wafering blades ranging from 3-7 inch (diameter).