The School of Mechanical Engineering (SME) at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is a comprehensive engineering faculty offering postgraduate programmes in all major fields of mechanical engineering including robotics, engineering design, thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, materials engineering, advanced manufacturing, aeronautical and automotive engineering, and industrial engineering. SME provides a wide variety of excellent instruction, research opportunities, resources, and facilities to its students.

Currently, SME offers the following postgraduate programmes:


    1. Master of Science Advanced Manufacturing Technology
    2. Master of Science Industrial Engineering
    3. Master of Science Mechanical Engineering
    4. Master of Science Materials Engineering
    5. Master of Science Ship and Offshore Engineering
    6. Master of Science Aeronautical Engineering
    7. Master of Science Automotive Engineering


    1. Master of Philosophy Mechanical Engineering
    2. Master of Philosophy Marine Technology
    3. Doctor of Philosophy Mechanical Engineering

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