The Production Laboratory sets to support for teaching, research, and consultancy for the faculty as well as industries that drives manufacturing practical and innovation activities.

Students and researchers are equipped with technical skills and facilities, allow creativity exposure through undergraduate project works, and may explore innovative possibilities at Masters and PhD level.

It also caters for a wide range of manufacturing activities from advanced manufacturing services to students and researchers within the Faculty and University as well as to the industries. One of the success stories of the Laboratory, in 2003, the initiative of European Aid has given a high promotion to the lab as a teaching demonstration centre for SMEs in order to support advanced manufacturing technology (AMT) in CAD/CAM area, Machining technology and Additive manufacturing.  An example of successful research projects under this initiative is called APoST and Easptra. In addition, the recognition and acknowledgment received in the Wohlers Report 2010: Additive Manufacturing State of the Industry, the laboratory continues to provide its best service and activeness in research as well as industrial contact. For its long standing reputation, the Laboratory has started its initial initiatives in participation towards becoming part of a “Sustainable Laboratory” since 2011. The laboratory also finalist at Citra Karisma 2012 in Safety laboratory practices.  The lab was supported of UTM 4.0 in the cluster of Additive Manufacturing area for UTM. In addition, the lab also contributed in IISJ-Muar project in order to achieve the Winner for IISJ District Award 2017.