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Research Area – School of Computing

Research FieldResearch Area
Modelling & Simulation
The modelling & simulation explore mathematical models of real world processes and their formulation on how these techniques can be applied in industry. This allows the manufacturing industry to analyze and experiment with their processes in a virtual setting.
Utilization of advanced modelling and optimization technologies and develop new modelling and optimizations methods to design and manage the industrial systems.
Industrial Analytics
The collection, analysis and usage of data generated in industrial operations which involve data capture and statistical modelling.
An automate information processing tasks which require intelligence much like the industrial revolution automated manufacturing tasks
Security Management
Incident Management, Risk Management, Security Awareness, Security Policy and Guidelines, Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Security Audit and Assessment, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Disaster Response Planning (DRP), Security Maturity Model, Security Management Model and Standards, Conceptual Modeling and Security Ontology.
Information Hiding and Digital Forensic
Cryptography, Steganography, Computer Forensic, Access Control, Authentication, Secure Protocols and Watermarking
Data, System and Network Security
Intrusion Detection, Malware Analysis, Hacking, Data Security and Secure Software, Wireless Network Security, Cloud Computing Security, Privacy Preserving Data Mining
Cyberthreat Intelligence
Security analytics, Visualization, Machine Learning, Statistical Techniques, Security Profiling.
Pervasive Computing
- Wireless Sensor Network
- Underwater Acoustic Sensor Network
- Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
- Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network
- Network Quality of Sevice
- Cloud Computing
- Internet of Things
- Mesh Network
- Network Security
- Blockchain
Software Engineering- Software Modeling and Specification
- Requirements engineering
- Enterprise Architecture
- Requirements Traceability
- Software Architecture (DevOps, MVC)
- Software Quality Assurance
- Software Testing
- Software Verification and Validation (IV & V)
- Software Reusability and Usability
- Agile Software Development
- Intelligence Software Systems
- Model-driven Architecture and Domain analysis
- Software System Audit
- Software Product Line
- Embedded Real-time Systems (Robotic programming and hardware development)
- Web Services & Microservices
- Software Cost Estimation
- Medical Informatics
Soft ComputingNeural Networks, Support Vector Machines, Fuzzy LogicBio-inspired and Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms, Differential Evolution, Particle Swarm Optimization, Ant Colony Optimization, Cuckoo Search, Firefly Algorithms) Probability-based Methods (Bayesian Networks) Computational statistics and mathematical optimization
Data Anaytics
Databases – Structured (RDBMS, Datawarehousing, Peer to Peer databases, Database Integration), Semistructured Data (XML, RDF, Ontology), Unstructured (Text, Chemical, Biological, Images) Descriptive Analytics – Clustering, Segmentation, VisualizationDiagnostic Anaytics – OLAP, Bayesian NetworksPredictive Analytics – Classification, Regression, Times series analysis, Decisions trees, Neural networks, Case-based reasoning, Genetic algorithms, SVMPrescriptive Analytics – Optimization, linear programming, Game theory, Influence diagrams, Control systems
Artificial Intelligence System and Application DevelopmentPattern Recognition, Intelligent Database Sytems and Information Retrieval, Intelligent E-Learning, Intelligent Computer Aided Manufacturing, Medical Informatics, Cheminformatics, Bioinformatics, Text Analytics
Intelligent Financial Analysis Modelling and  Simulation
Multi objective optimization in green building design, Deep learning in digital forensic, AI in Production Scheduling, AI in Forecasting of Uncertain Supply & Demand in Food Production
Information Engineering- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
- Information Retrieval and Extraction
- Information Systems Applications and Adoption
- Data Management Systems
- Web Mining
- Web Searching and Information Discovery
- Ontology and Knowledge Representation
- Business Intelligence
- Machine Learning
- Natural Language and Text Processing
- Information Engineering and Management
- Collaborative and Social Informatics
- Sentiment Analysis and Recommender Systems
- Artificial Intelligence
Virtual, Vision, Visualization & ImageComputer Graphics, Computer Animation, Computer Vision, Gamification and Multimedia Applications, Geometric Modeling, Image Processing, Speech Processing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Visual Analytic, Data Visualization, Human Computer Interaction, Mutimodal User Interfaces, User Experiences (UX) and Interaction Design, Usability Study, Social Media Analytic, Social Network Analysis (SNA), Web Mining and Webometrics.