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Research Area – School of Chemical & Energy Engineering

Focus AreaResearch Area
Waste Water Treatment & Environmental Engineering
- Adsorption and Absorption
- Emulsion Liquid Extraction
- Industrial Microwave
- Air Resources Management
- Waste to Energy Technology
- Waste Recovery
Palm Oil Milling and Refinery
- Crystallization and Distillation Process
- Life Cycle Assessment
- Advanced Extraction Process
- Palm Oil Mill Effluent Recovery
Bioproduct Research and Innovation
- Supercritical Extraction
- Herbs and Phyto Chemical Processing
- Bio microbial Bioprocess
- Cosmetic and Fragrance
- Foods and Nutraceuticals
- Biovalidations
Fuel Cells- Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology
- Process Intent Cifications
- Prototype and Biomass Pretreatments
- Hydrogen Production
- Catalysis and Adsorbent Development
- Fuel System for Natural Gas
- Green and Sustainable Engineering
Gas Separations and Transportation- Gas Injection for Natural Gas Vehicles
- Gas Storage
- Pipeline Integration
- Absorption Gas Storage System
- Testing System
- Network Analysis for Gas Flow Distribution
Membrane Technology- Biomedical Application
- Nanomaterials
- Water Purification
- Wastewater Treatment
- Gas Separation
- Fuel Cells
- Palm Oil Refinery
Process Integration- Sustainable Process and Product Design
- Process Modeling, Optimization and Planning
- Pinch Technology
- Industrial Energy Audit
- Supply Chain Optimization
- Sustainable Energy Management System
- Process Control and Automation