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Research @ UTM Engineering

At UTM Faculty of Engineering, we not only aim to enhance the body of knowledge in different engineering disciplines through cutting-edge, fundamental research, but our experts from different areas in engineering work together to develop innovative solutions to the world’s current and future challenges. By integrating all engineering disciplines under one faculty, we are able to address major challenges and develop complete solution. We work at the interfaces of ideas where several engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, civil engineering and computer science intersects to address industry and community problems. Our research benefits a broad application domain, from addressing the environmental concerns of the community, developing technology that can provide for sustainable water resources, providing data-driven smart living, developing energy-efficient smart vehicles of the future to finding engineering solutions to medical issues. Our partnerships with leading research institutes around the world helps us produce cutting-edge research that continues to create an impact to the world’s daily challenges. We share this knowledge and transfer it to others through publication, teaching, collaboration, licensing and entrepreneurship. We welcome prospective research students and partners from industry and academia to work with our 750-strong academic staff to create more knowledge, enhance technology and develop better solutions that fosters sustainability, prosperity and resilience of our world for the benefit of our future generation.