Research Group

Pervasive Computing Research Group (PCRG)
Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanan Bin Abdullah
School of Computing
Artificial Intelligence and Bioinformatics Research Group (AIBIG)
Dr. Azurah Bte A SamahSchool of Computing
Soft Computing Research Group (SCRG)
Dr. Sarina Binti SulaimanSchool of Computing
Software Engineering Research Group (SERG)
Dr. Mohd Adham Bin Isa
School of Computing
Information Assurance and Security Research Group (IASRG)
Dr. Anazida Binti ZainalSchool of Computing
Virtual, Visualization and Vision Research Group (UTM ViCubeLab)
Dr. Ajune Wanis Binti IsmailSchool of Computing
Applied Industrial Analytics Research Group (ALIAS)Dr. Mohamad Shukor Bin TalibSchool of Computing
Synthetic BiologyDr. Afnizanfaizal Bin AbdullahSchool of Computing
Information Engineering and Behavioral Informatics (INFOBEE)Dr. Alex Sim Tze HiangSchool of Computing
Nanostructured Materials Research Group (NMRG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Goh Pei SeanSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Advanced Material and Separation Technologies (AMSET)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mazura JusohSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Enhanced Polymer Research Group (EnPRO)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zurina Binti MohamadSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Biomolecular and Microbial Process (BIOMIP)Prof. Dr. Rosli Bin Md. IlliasSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
BioPolymer Research Group (BRG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wan Aizan Binti Wan Ab RahmanSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Food and Biomaterial Engineering Research Group (FoBERG)Prof. Dr. Ida Idayu Bt. MuhamadSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Reservoir Management Group (RMG)Prof. Dr. Radzuan Bin JuninSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Drilling & Production Enhancement Research Group (DPEG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Zaidi Bin JaafarSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Sustainable Waste Management (SWAM)Prof. Dr. Mohd Rozainee Bin TaibSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Chemical Reaction Engineering Group (CREG)Prof. Ir. Dr. Nor Aishah Bte Saidina AminSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Energy Management GroupAssoc. Prof. Dr. Rafiziana Binti Md KasmaniSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Green Energy and Environmental Planning (GREEN)Prof. Ir. Dr. Haslenda Bt. HashimSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Green TechnologyProf. Dr. Zainura Binti Zainon NoorSchool of Chemical & Energy Engineering
Biosignal Processing Research Group (BSP)Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Malarvili A/P Bala KrishnanSchool of Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences
Advanced Diagnostics And Progressive Human Care (Diagnostics)Prof. Dr. Eko SupriyantoSchool of Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences
Bioinspired Device and Tissue Engineering (BIOINSPIRA)Dr. Saiful Izwan Bin Abd RazakSchool of Biomedical Engineering & Health Sciences
Micro-Nano Systems Engineering (MNSE)Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Bin AhmadSchool of Electrical Engineering
Power Electronics & Drives Research Groups (PEDG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nik Rumzi Bin Nik IdrisSchool of Electrical Engineering
Power Engineering Research Group (PERG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Azhar Bin KhairuddinSchool of Electrical Engineering
Sonar Technology & Marine Instrumentation (STAR)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Hisham Bin KhamisSchool of Electrical Engineering
Acoustic Research Group (ARG)Ir. Dr. Mokhtar HarunSchool of Electrical Engineering
Advance RF and Microwave Research Group (ARFMRG)Dr. Mohamad Rijal Bin HamidSchool of Electrical Engineering
Advanced Control Research Group (ACRG)Prof. Dr. Zaharuddin B MohamedSchool of Electrical Engineering
Advanced Telecommunication Technology (ATT)Dr. Rozeha Bt. A. RashidSchool of Electrical Engineering
Bio-medical & Instrumentation Electronics (bMIE)Dr. Mohd Azhar Bin Abdul RazakSchool of Electrical Engineering
Computational Nanoelectronics (CoNE)Ir. Dr. Michael Tan Loong PengSchool of Electrical Engineering
Digital Signal & Image Processing (DSIP)Dr. Musa Bin Mohd MokjiSchool of Electrical Engineering
Lightwave Communication Research Group (LCRG)Dr. Asrul Izam Bin AzmiSchool of Electrical Engineering
Process Tomography Research Group and Instrumentation (PROTOM-i)Prof. Dr. Mohd Fua'ad Bin RahmatSchool of Electrical Engineering
VLSI & Embedded Computing Architectures Design & Research Lab (VeCAD)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Shaikh Nasir @ Nasir Bin Shaikh HusinSchool of Electrical Engineering
Waste RecoveryProf. Madya Dr. Mohd Fadhil Bin Md DinSchool of Civil Engineering
Eco-HydrologyProf. Dr. Zulkifli YusopSchool of Civil Engineering
Impact & Restoration on Water BodiesProf. Dr. Mohd Ismid Bin Md SaidSchool of Civil Engineering
Integrated Water Resource ManagementProf. Madya Dr. Shamsuddin ShahidSchool of Civil Engineering
Water & Wastewater TreatmentProf. Dr. Azmi Bin ArisSchool of Civil Engineering
Advanced Composites and Innovative Structure (ACIS)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jamaludin Bin Mohamad YatimSchool of Civil Engineering
Construction Materials Research Group (CMRG)Dr. Abdullah Zawawi Bin AwangSchool of Civil Engineering
Engineering Seismology and Earthquake Engineering Research (eSEER)Prof. Dr. Azlan AdnanSchool of Civil Engineering
Geotechnic Research Group (GRG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Safuan bin A. RashidSchool of Civil Engineering
Industrialize System (IS)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Kadir Bin MarsonoSchool of Civil Engineering
Pavement and Transportation Research Group (PTRG)Dr. Norhidayah Binti Abdul HassanSchool of Civil Engineering
Reliability Engineering and Safety Assessment Research Group (RESA)Prof. Dr. Nordin Bin Yahaya School of Civil Engineering
Steel and Composite Construction Research Group (SCC)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Arizu Bin SulaimanSchool of Civil Engineering
Structural Assessment Forensic Engineering (SAFE)Prof. Dr. Mohammad Bin IsmailSchool of Civil Engineering
UTM GREENPromptAssoc. Prof. Dr. Rozana Binti ZakariaSchool of Civil Engineering
Advanced Manufacturing Research Group (AMRG)Prof. Dr. Izman Bin SudinSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mechanics Research & Consultancy Group (AMRCG)Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Zaini Bin AhmadSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Design Research Group (EDRG)Dr. Jamaludin B Hj Mohd TaibSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Industrial & System Engineering Research Group (ISERG)Prof. Dr. Wong Kuan YewSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Intelligent Control & Automation (iCA)Prof. Dr. Musa Bin MailahSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Materials Research & Consultancy Group (MRCG)Prof. Dr. Esah Bte HamzahSchool of Mechanical Engineering
High Speed Reacting Flow Research Group (HIREF)Prof. Dr. Mazlan Bin Abdul WahidSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Education (EERG)
Dr. Syed Ahmad Helmi Bin Syed HassanSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Mechanics Research Group
Dr. Muhammad Noor Afiq Witri Bin Muhammad YazidSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Air-Conditioning Engineering Research Group (ACER)Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Haslinda Binti Mohamed KamarSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Applied Aerodynamic Research Group (AARG)Prof. Ir. Dr. Shuhaimi Bin MansorSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Gas Turbine Combustion Research Group (GTCRG)Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazri Bin Mohd JaafarSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Ship & Offshore Technology Research Group (SOT)Prof. Dr. Adi Maimun Bin Abdul MalikSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Vehicle Engineering Research GroupProf. Ir. Ts. Dr. Pakharuddin Bin Mohd SaminSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Inorganic Membrane Research Group (IMRG)Dr. Mukhlis Bin A RahmanSchool of Mechanical Engineering
Organic Membrane Research Group (OMRG)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lau Woei JyeSchool of Mechanical Engineering
UTM Bacterial Technology (UTM BacTec)Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainul Akmar Bin ZakariaSchool of Mechanical Engineering