Keynote Speaker

Ir. Dr. Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini

Title : Adsorbent for wastewater treatment- Synthesis, characterization and mechanisms

Adsorbent is used as a solid medium to attract the target solute to its surface. The process known as adsorption has been widely used in wastewater treatment, water purification and air pollution control. Adsorption can take place through several routes and mechanisms, depending on the physicochemical properties of adsorbent and solute, that bring about the adsorbent-solute interactions in water contaminants removal. This presentation introduces adsorption phenomenon and mechanisms that are supported with relevant theories and experimental data. It highlights the compilation of Author’s experience and publications over the past 11 years.


Muhammad Abbas Ahmad Zaini earned a PhD in Applied Chemistry from Chiba University, Japan in 2010. He currently serves as senior lecturer at the School of Chemical & Energy Engineering and director of the Centre of Lipids Engineering and Applied Research (CLEAR) in UTM Johor Bahru. His research revolves around adsorbent and activated carbon synthesis for wastewater treatment. He is a professional engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, and a member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE, UK).

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