Keynote Speaker

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Kamaruddin A. Hamid

Title : New-Old Teachers-Teaching Methods Quadrant to Support 21st Century Engineering Education

Engineering schools today are facing challenges they have never faced before to produce graduates who are relevant in the 21st century. Today’s engineers are entering into a world marked by rapid and global change, exponential advancement in information and computer technologies, complex ethical issues, borderless global competition, changing demographics, sustainability, and a multitude of problems that only emerged in the new millennium. Just as business as usual will not survive in the 21st Century, education as usual will also not get us there. This presentation briefly explores challenges in global engineering practice in the 21st century especially in preparing future ready engineering educators. A New-Old Teachers-Teaching Methods quadrant has been proposed and used in monitoring the current status of our future ready engineering educators and way forward.





Since has been awarded with Engineering Education Teaching Award 2017 by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for his passion in the 21st century engineering education, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd. Kamaruddin Abd. Hamid is also known as an exemplary, innovative, energetic and multi-tasking academician, particularly in research and development (R&D), innovation and entrepreneurship, and postgraduate and professional studies. As a Deputy Director of Process Systems Engineering Centre (PROSPECT) UTM, he is noted as an active researcher in 40 research grants with a total amount of RM3 million, successfully published more than 150 publications, has registered about 18 intellectual property rights (IPRs), has supervised more than 30 research students, and has conducted more than 60 professional short courses in the area of process systems engineering and engineering education. As a fellow researcher of Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) UTM, he involved with lots of engineering education activities especially in the area of Active Learning (AL), Cooperative Learning (CL) and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) where his team has been acknowledged in the UTM New Academia Learning Innovation (NALI) Award for 2018 and 2019, and Anugerah Khas YB Menteri Pendidikan Malaysia: Rekabentuk Kurikulum dan Penyampaian Inovatif (AKRI 2018). Starting January 2019, Dr. Kamaruddin has been appointed as a member of UTM Support Group for 21st Century Teaching and Learning.


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