Keynote Speaker

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sohaib Zia Khan 


Title : Cellular and Auxetic Structure Materials: Contemporary and Advance Solutions in Mechanics

To get the best utilization of material with less relative density or weight ratio, cellular or porous structures are considered one of the promising candidates. Cellular structures have tunable properties and thus have multiple applications in thermal and thermo-fluid, materials strength, acoustic, biomedical, shock and energy absorption, and other areas. These structures are broadly categorized as ‘irregular cellular structure’ and ‘regular cellular structure’. Irregular cellular structures have random connecting lines or surfaces attached to create porosity in the materials. For example, traditional foams. Regular cellular structures can be classified as ‘periodic’ and ‘non-periodic’ cellular structures. The periodic cellular structures have regular or identical structures of repeating unit cell. Either the least volume or the most basic connecting links or surfaces define the unit cell. For example, Triple Periodic Minimal Surfaces (TPMS). In addition, traditional cellular structures can be also modified to change behaviour. Auxetic materials are an exceptional class of materials having a negative Poisson’s ratio, which mean when a tensile force is applied in the axial direction, the dimensions of both the axial and the transverse direction increase and vice versa. Thus, auxetic materials due to this behaviour enhance and/or alter physical and mechanical properties of overall structure. The keynote presentation will cover these aspects and future direction of research in the area of these modified structures.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Sohaib Zia Khan is an Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at the Islamic University Madina (IUM), Saudi Arabia. Along with teaching and research, he is also leading Mechanical Engineering for ABET accreditation at IUM. Before joining Islamic university, he worked as an Assistant Professor at PNEC, National University of Sciences & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan. His research interests include Mechanics and characterisation of Materials, laser-materials interaction, additive manufacturing and Nano-materials.

He has got the full scholarship for his MPhil and PhD from NUST and the University of Manchester. In 2016, he got the Endeavour Fellowship which is a prestigious fellowship from the government of Australia and worked in Swinburne University of technology as a research fellow under this award.

He received B.Eng degree (2002) in mechanical engineering from NED University, Pakistan, MPhil degree (2006) in mechanical engineering for the work on precision engineer and PhD degree (2010) for the work on generation and characterisation of nanoparticles and CW laser ablation. He has got both higher degrees from The University of Manchester, UK. He has got three years of industrial experience before proceeding abroad for higher education.

He is an author of multiple journals and conference papers. He has supervised eight masters’ students and two PhD students. He has delivered multiples lectures on technical writing, research methodology and advanced research methods. 

He tweets with the twitter handle @sohaib107.

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