Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship Packages

SIE 2019 welcomes sponsorship from companies, enterprises and individuals. The following packages are available;

  1. Platinum
  2. Diamond
  3. Gold
  4. Ruby
  5. Silver
  6. Bronze


1.Deduction of Corporate Tax

Your company will get deduction of the corporate tax from Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

  1. Website

Your company information and video advertisement will be on our website.

  1. VVIP

Representative of your company will be invited as a VVIP and will be located at VVIP table during Dinner Event.

  1. Mock Cheque Giving Ceremony

As a token of appreciation, your company representative will be invited during Mock Cheque Giving Ceremony on SIE Dinner as a symbolic for your contribution to the conference

  1. Publicity

Your company logo will be displayed on our banner, bunting, book of program, brochure and poster.

  1. Exhibition

Your company entitled to open booth during the conference.

  1. SIE’s appreciation certificate.

As a token of appreciation, your company will receive an appreciation certificate from SIE.

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